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This evening the Providence School Board voted to close Asa Messer, the Messer Annex, Windmill, Flynn, and West Broadway Elementary Schools. They also voted to close Bridgham as a Middle School and repurpose it as an elementary school.

The full report is in the following Projo article and blog posts:



WSPEC had extensively argued against the closings, citing the potential negative impact not only on the neighborhood, but also on student achievement. Their well researched, annotated (!) discussion can be found at the following link:


Many of the very specific questions asked by members of the community regarding the impact of these closings were never adequately addressed.

While we don’t know what additional protests are planned, it will be incumbent upon all parents in Providence to “police the process”. The Providence School Department must live up to the promises it has made regarding student placement, educational quality, and cost saving.


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Conversations with the Providence School Board

Wednesday, April 27, 2011, From 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Central High School, 70 Fricker Street, Providence

This second meeting of a multi-part series will include a presentation and a discussion on the Aligned Instruction System, the backbone of Providence Schools academics.

A question and answer session will follow.

Our goal is to help parents understand the following:

What is an Aligned Instruction System?

Why did Providence adopt an Aligned Instruction System?

How does it shape what is taught, and what is learned?

Will our schools see results from this system soon? In the long term?

This series of conversations will give families, staff and the community the opportunity to provide valuable input to the members of the Providence School Board as they create and revise policies that govern the Providence School Department.

Child care for children ages 5 to 12 will be provided.

Translation will be available upon request. To request child care or translation, call the Office of Family and Community Engagement at (401) 456-0686.

Visit: www.providenceschools.org/schoolboard



Conversaciones con la Junta Escolar de Providence

Miércoles, 27 de abril de 2011, de 6:30 a 8:00 p.m.

Escuela Secundaria Central, 70 de la calle Fricker

Esta segunda reunión, de una serie de conversaciones, incluirá una presentación y una discusión sobre el Plan Alineado de Instrucción, que es la espina dorsal académica de las Escuelas de Providence.

Una sesión de preguntas y respuestas tendrá lugar en esta reunión.

Nuestra meta es ayudar a los padres a comprender mejor lo siguiente:

¿Qué es un Plan Alineado de Instrucción?

¿Por qué adoptó Providence un Plan Alineado de Instrucción?

¿Cómo da forma a lo que se enseña y qué se aprende?

¿Verán resultados nuestras escuelas con este sistema? ¿A corto o largo plazo?

La serie de conversaciones les dará a las familias, personal y comunidad la oportunidad de compartir sus comentarios con los miembros de la Junta Escolar de Providence mientras ellos desarrollan y revisan las políticas que rigen a las Escuelas Públicas de Providence.

Se proveerá cuidado infantil para niños de 5 a 12 años, al igual que interpretación al español. Reserve su espacio y pida cuidado infantil e interpretación, llamando a la Oficina de Participación Familiar al teléfono 456-0686. Visite: http://www.providenceschools.org/schoolboard

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A series of meetings spearheaded by City Councilor Sam Zurier has led to the publication of  a report that suggests modifications to the Providence Teacher’s Union contract, which might allow for 1) more classroom continuity for our students 2) significant monetary savings for the Providence School Department and 3) no pay cut for rank and file teachers.

The report is highlighted in an article in today’s Providence Journal:


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Congratulations to Matt Gabor and Michael Udris from WSPEC on their interview this morning with Elizabeth Harrison on WRNI. The link takes you to their  important questions and comments:


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Several items of recent interest:

1) The Providence School Department answers many of the questions raised both by WSPEC and ESPEC. Many of the answers are what one would expect, and many of the questions are answered by “To be determined”. This is not completely confidence building:


2) The Parent’s Advisory Council has found its “voice”, and publicly voted “no” to school closures:


3) Providence’s projected deficit has shrunk! Could this reduce the blow to our schools? Could fewer schools be closed as a result??


4) PPSD has announced via its Facebook page that the school year will be extended to June 24, 2011, to make up for snow days! Sigh!!


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