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Jill Davidson recently started a blog to help parents, particularly those residing in Providence, understand and navigate the educational system. Jill comes at this from several perspectives, including being the parent of young children, and as someone who has been studying and writing about educational reform for the past ten years, working with the Coalition of Essential Schools. Jill takes an unbiased, intelligent, real world approach to helping parents understand all of the changes that are occurring in our school system, and how to chose among the many available school options. We’re proud that Jill has served as a member of the ESPEC steering committee.

Jill’s blog can be found at the following link:

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Spread the word about the upcoming MLK Elementary tours/open houses! The first one is next Friday, 12/17, 9:30am! Visit King to learn more about your one of your neighborhood elementary schools, serving the East Side of Providence.

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