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Technology Advancement for All Students

On December 11, 2010 “This Is The Time” concert will promote Technology Advancement for All Students (TAAS). TAAS is a group of students that come together and find ways to raise money for schools that are desperately in need of computer technology. We can keep our kids off the streets if they are afforded a proper education with the proper tools to achieve. We are targeting one school at a time. Hope High School in Providence, RI has well over 40 outdated computers over four years old and without a warranty. Just a dollar a day for the next 11 days can help one student attend for free.

Jiri Baskerville a senior at Classical High (very talented singer) recorded a song and all the proceeds generated from his song entitled “This Is The Time” will go directly to Technology Advancement for All Students attending Providence Public Schools. We are targeting one school at a time and Hope High was selected as the first recipient! He and two other students, one from Classical and another from Times Squared Academy, have been meeting and putting this event together. (A few parents are involved but the students have taken the lead)

The performance at Hope High School, with the full support of Hope’s Principal S. Sutherland, will be amazing with performances from Hope, Met, Mt. Pleasant, Classical, and Times Square Academy school students ranging from Poetry, Rap, rock&roll, singing, ballet to salsa dancing. ALL POSITIVE!

We need your help! Please ADOPT a seat at $11 per seat so a student can attend this concert for free and help HOPE HIGH SCHOOL raise money to purchase (40) new computers. If you can adopt more than one seat that’s great! Along with your adopted seat donation you’ll receive a free “This Is The Time” CD and your name will appear in the concert program. There are 1200 seats in Hope High School’s (HHS) auditorium and every seat donation will go directly to HHS to purchase new computers.

Help make this concert amazing for the students attending. If you would like to attend or need more information please email or call me. Your donation will help us achieve our goal for this fundraiser.

If you can and are willing to help please email me or call. If you’re paying by check, please make the check payable to Hope High School (TAAS Concert). Donations are needed by November 20, 2010 to account for how many seats will be available to students.

Thank you
Helen Dukes
(401) 935-9735

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